Rihanna shows off new photoshoot to promote her Savage x Fenty product after fans ask ‘Is Rihanna pregnant again’

In a photo shoot to promote her new Savage x Fenty collection, Rihana flaunted her natural curves in lingerie.

After seeing the , new images, fans of the Rude Boy singer wondered if the celebrity is expecting her third child.

Rihanna showed off her curves in lingerie for a photo shoot promoting her new Savage x Fenty collectionThe images featured a 36-year-old sandy-haired Rihanna laying in a bed covered with Savage x Fenty bedding and posed against silk drapes.

Wearing a plunging, russet-colored corset with an attached padded to show off her cleavage, the fashion mogul flaunted her stunning body.

Dark crimson lipstick, defined by an even deeper lip liner, smothered Rihanna’s pout.

In the photos, a sandy-haired Rihanna was shown posing against silk curtainsThe Pour It Up singer wore metallic eye shadow in a picture where her head was inclined to the side and her eyes were closed, highlighting the daond earrings hanging from her ears.

In a another photo, Rihanna appeared to be dare her audience to turn away as she looked straight into the camera with her head tilted back.

Her caramel-colored hair, reminiscent of the Old Hollywood femme fatales Lana Turner and Veronica Lake, fell over one eye.

The Grammy-winning musician covered her stomach in both photos by wrapping the backdrop drape over her waist.

The lingerie's light blue color matched the brand's log printed over the sheets as she showed off her long legs and ample backsideIn more pictures from the session, Rihanna was pictured stretching out in a position in bed while wearing a matching see-through and pair.

She flashed her large posterior and lengthy legs while the light blue lingerie matched the brand’s name written across the sheets.

In all of the bed pictures, Rihanna was oddly propped up on her stomach, covering up any indication of a possible baby bulge.

Commenting on the new Savage x Fenty line and Rihanna’s sultry photographs wearing the clothing, fans flocked to X, formerly known as Twitter.

While a lot of admirers were enthralled with the seductive photos, some speculated that Rihanna may be expecting her third kid based on the way she is posing.

Somewhat suspiciously, Rihanna was positioned on her stomach in all the bed photos - hiding any sign of a potential baby bumpAugust 2023 saw the arrival of their second son, 7-month-old Riоt Rose, and May 2022 saw the birth of the Fenty creator and her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky. Their first son, RZA Athelaston, was born in May 2022.

A admirer speculated on Twitter, saying, “Rihanna is pregnant again.”

“Wait so Rihanna’s pregnant again????” inquiredaother person.

A third person questioned, “Is Rihanna really pregnant with her third child?””

A fourth commenter disagreed, saying they were shocked by how slender Rihanna looked in the pictures.

“Thought you were pregnant,” they commented, and then they continued, “What is this shiny skin tingzzz and flat tummy?”

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