Selena Gomez shyly covered her fat waist in a bikini

Yesterday (March 19), Selena Gomez and her friends were together at the Sydney beach to enjoy the warm sunny days. After breaking up with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was not very sad.

Selena hesitates to cover her fat waist.

Appearing at the gathering, the beauty wore an orange bikini showing off her sexy bust but shyly used her hand to cover her somewhat fatty midsection.

There are many opinions that Selena Gomez is gaining weight, which is why her body is not toned.

Selena’s second round lacks firmness.

However, according to many people, the female singer is currently taking time off to rest and not participating in any music projects, so it’s okay to “loose” her weight a bit.

The beauty took advantage of the opportunity to joke with her friends.

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