Nature’s Culinary Resemblance Revealed: The Intriguing Noodle-Like Flowered Plant

Recently, a ramen shop in Japan has posted photos of a strange plant, called this “noodle tree”, causing a stir in public opinion, making many people surprised and stunned. So what is the truth? Let’s find out.






he plant looks a lot like corn, inside is like instant noodles.


in fact, this “noodle plant” looks a lot like corn on the outside, inside like instant noodles. However, “noodle plant” has nothing to do with corn or instant noodles. in fact, this is the toquilla tree, a species of tree in the palm family, which lives in the tropics of the americas and is found in abundance in Ecuador. Toquilla is a wild plant, but today it is commonly seen in the coastal areas of this country.










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